Through my college studies, I learned about the healing properties of stones and chakras. I found this so interesting that I furthered my studies with a Reiki Master, who taught me about chakra colors and how each color represents a part of the body.

While recuperating after one of my surgeries, I purchased colored beads and made a chakra bracelet for myself. Because chakras are used for healing, the beads are meant to absorb negative energy, physical and mental pain, and aid in recovery. The beads can be made from any material, but all chakra colors must be represented.

People would ask me about my chakra bracelet so I started making them for family and friends.

While planning my first visit to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, I wanted to give stuffed animal cats that looked like Charlie. I added a chakra bracelet and thought it made a cute collar. The collar/bracelet can be taken off and worn.

The bracelets help me to be happy, optimistic, and have a good outlook. If you receive a bracelet from our foundation, I hope it does the same for you!

Our bracelets are non-nylon, latex free and hypoallergenic!

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