An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is an assistance animal that a medical professional has determined provides therapeutic benefit for an individual with a disability

The benefits of animal therapy are undeniable and has been studied and proven to:

  • enhance cognitive, behavior and social skills

  • improve confidence

  • induce relaxation

  • linked to increased physical and mental health benefits

  • provide a non-judgemental and less stressful environment

  • relieve stress


Charlie is a four year old dwarf Calico that was rescued in Columbus, Ohio.


Charlie began her career accompanying Kristin to medical appointments, when a doctor suggested she be certified as an ESA.


Because of her pleasant temperament and unique personality, our family has decided to share her with you. 

If you'd like to follow Charlie's adventures on social media, please visit Club Charlie.

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Bowie is Charlie's twin sister and was rescued in Columbus, Ohio with Charlie.

Bowie recently completed her ESA certification and is excited to begin her career.


If you'd like to follow Bowie's adventures on social media, please visit Bad Cat.

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